Father Punches Daycare Teacher after He Saw Her Do This


After witnessing a daycare teacher treating his daughter improperly via CCTV footage, this father took action. While some parents may have simply pulled their children or sent a strongly written letter, this man had other ideas.

Mr. Li rushed into the room and proceeded to punch, slap, and kick the teacher in front of a group of stunned students, before leaving with his daughter.

a father confronts a daycare worker for mistreating his daughter

How Mr. Li Realized His Daughter was Being Mistreated

According to the father, his daughter was having a rough morning. She had a meltdown before going into Qinghuamiano Kindergarten in the central Hunan Province of China and was distressed in general.

Instead of just leaving her, he stood outside the classroom to watch the CCTV monitor in case she had another meltdown after he left. He wanted to be able to go in and comfort her if she needed it.

Apparently, each classroom has one so that parents and other teachers can observe inside the room. It also records to prevent exactly this.

What he saw absolutely shocked him.

The Video Has Been Viewed Over 5 Million Times

The video, which was shared online and viewed over 5 million times already, shows the teacher, Ms. Hu, horribly mistreating the little girl. You can see when the girl resists doing what she is told, she is punished in a way that is never right.

Mr. Li rushed in with almost no hesitation as the mistreatment escalated. The video is less than a minute long but shows two separate clips, so it’s unclear just how long the behavior lasted before he intervened.

But oh, did he.

He burst through the doors and made his displeasure known in a very physical way. Mr. Li punched, slapped, and kicked the teacher while students watched quietly in shock. He then took his daughter and called authorities.

Both Fined, But Ms. Hu Could See Permanent Teaching Ban

When authorities arrived, Mr. Li declined to handle this matter privately, which would have avoided both fines and criminal charges for each of them. His reasoning?

“She refused to apologize… her attitude, and the attitude of her family, was vile, and I cannot accept that. I accept the consequences of my own actions, but this … teacher must be arrested too.” He explained.

Ms. Hu was dismissed from her role immediately, spent 12 days in jail, and was fined 500 RMB, or about $70. Mr. Li was jailed for seven days for his attack, and fined 200 RMB, or about $30.

Further punishment is pending against Ms. Hu, who could potentially see a lifetime teaching ban imposed for her actions. It’s unclear if Mr. Li’s daughter returned to that same school, or if she was moved to another.