Elizabeth Warren Meets Twin at Minnesota Rally


Seeing double? Elizabeth Warren was this week when Stephanie Oyen, of Edin, Minnesota, showed up at her rally dressed like the 2020 Democratic Nominee hopeful. Clad in a blue blazer and clear rimmed glasses, Oyen said she thought people “would know” she wasn’t the senator.

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But after 100’s stared at her with admiration and many called her their ‘hero’, she regretted her choice.

About the Doppelganger

Stephanie Oyen, 50, is an affordable housing and community worker in Minnesota. For the past two Halloweens, she has dressed up as the senator.

And she looks surprisingly like Warren. Her blonde hair is cut short, with the distinctive side part Warren is known for, and even their skin tone is similar.

Oyen said she thought people would get a laugh out of her costume, but it took a turn when many people in the crowd couldn’t actually differentiate her from Warren.

Quick Change

Oyen was taken aback when people ran up to her yelling “Senator Warren!” and tried to take pictures with her. She kept trying to say, “I’m not her!” but no one was listening.

At one point Oyen said she looked up, and hundreds of people were just staring at her. She made the decision to change out of her blazer and glasses for the rest of the rally, as to not confuse anyone else.

Apparently, at one point even Warren’s security team did a double-take, confusing the two.

She hid behind a “tall man” during the rally so no one would pay too much attention.

Meeting Warren

When Oyen entered the line to shake Warren’s hand and take a picture, though, she redressed herself at the Democratic politician. Oyen says that Warren stared hard at her, but at first she wasn’t sure if it was because she recognized that Oyen was dressed as her or if she thought it was just “some crazy lady” in a typical politician get up.

Finally, Warren pointed to her and said: “We need to talk!”

After the photo op, Oyen was escorted by security backstage where she got to really meet Warren face to face and take pictures together.

Warren later tweeted that the only thing that would have made the meeting better is if Oyen had “brought her own Bailey”, referring to Warren’s dog and companion on the campaign trail.

This was Warren’s first stop in the state, and no doubt her most memorable. Her staff estimate that about 12,000 came to the college football field to hear the senator speak.