David Beckham Banned from Driving for Six Months

Although he can’t receive red cards anymore, David Beckham still isn’t immune to receiving suspensions. On Thursday, the retired soccer star received a six-month ban from driving after he pleaded guilty to using his phone while driving.

david beckham banned from driving feat

The 44-year old also had to pay nearly $1200 in fines and court fees. Becks, who drives his children to and from school every day, was photographed last November staring down at his lap in slow-moving traffic.

His lawyers say he has no memory of this specific day but added that there is “no excuse for what took place”.

Not A First-Time Offender

The ban came due to Sir Beckham already having accrued another six points on his license due to speeding offenses. Last September, he would have been banned from driving already if he hadn’t avoided another speeding charge due to a technicality.

Six points for using a phone while driving is a relatively recent penalty. Until March 2017, it was only a three-point offense, with six being enough to ban a driver with less than two years’ experience.