Cubs Batter Hits Toddler with Line Drive, Drops to Knees Crying as Stadium Reacts

On Wednesday’s game between the Cubs and the Astros, Cubs outfielder Albert Almora Jr’s line-drive struck a young girl sitting behind Chicago’s third base. The reaction was immediate; the young girl started screaming, and Almora fell to his knees crying.

The girl’s father rushed her out of the stadium as Almora continued to sob, and the stadium went silent at the scene.

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Almora Struggled to Compose Himself

It took Almora several minutes on his knees in tears before he could compose himself, though he struck out when he returned to bat and was still sobbing as he left the field.

Clearly shaken, Almora spent time between innings speaking to a security guard to ascertain the condition of the girl that was injured. After being told that she was in pain, but conscious and OK, he put his face in his glove and sobbed, this time in relief.

The security guard offered the player comfort and allowed him to cry on her shoulder for several minutes, before returning to her duties.

Players with Heart

Social media has shown Almora an outpouring of love for his tender and immediate reaction to the incident. Almora and his wife have recently welcomed a second son into their family, which some think is the reason for his intense reaction at injuring the girl.

The Astros released a statement that the girl was taken to the hospital, but no word on her condition further.