Couple Wakes Up to Find Strange Dog Sleeping with Them and More News


A couple woke up to find a strange dog sleeping in bed with them, Fear in China as the sky turns blood red, North Korea cracks down on “skinny jeans,” Anonymous donor pays off graduating class student debt, and more news.

Couple wakes to find strange dog sleeping in bed with them

In Polk County, Tennessee, a couple woke up to find a dog they didn’t recognize sleeping in their bed with them, WRAL reports.

“I rolled over on my side of the bed and said, ‘No, no, no, that’s not our dog,'” said Julie Johnson.

Johnson says the couple already has three dogs that usually bark at everything. But they didn’t hear a sound overnight when this uninvited cuddly canine decided to come into their house and curl up next to them.

The couple checked out the dog and decided it seemed harmless. They believe the dog got in through their back door accidentally left open.

The couple shared a photo of the dog on Facebook, viral. Someone recognized the dog as theirs and came to collect the pup. Johnson asked the owner to bring family photos as proof. The dog had traveled almost 2 miles for the sleepover.

They were prepared to add the furry friend to their family had they not found the owner.

Fear in China as sky turns blood red, cause remains a mystery

A strange phenomenon occured in the port city of Zhoushan, China, which neighbors Shanghai. Video and photos spread across the Internet and on China’s Twitter-like social media, showing the sky turning blood red under thick layers of fog, the Daily Mail reports.

People saw it as a bad omen, fear set in, and some people took the crimson sky as a sign of Armageddon.

“Accidents will happen,” one user said on Douyin, China’s version of TikTok, “I started to stock up on supplies.”

Many explanations were given, such as aerosols in the atmosphere refracting and scattering the light of fishing boats. In contrast, others thought particulate matter from the 2022 Tonga Volcanic Eruption was to blame. Others pointed to solar and geomagnetic activity, but Chinese state media said there were no significant anomalies. The specific cause remains a mystery.

North Korea cracks down on skinny jeans, “capitalist fashion” and hairstyles

There are many problems plaguing North Korea, but apparently, “skinny jeans” are a priority. North Korea is now ramping up a crackdown on what it considers “capitalist” fashion, such as having died here or imitating foreign fashion Unilad reports. The news comes from an unnamed source who requested anonymity due to security reasons. The informant said an “educational session” was held nationwide where authorities defined the act of imitating foreign fashion and hairstyles as “capitalist flair” and examples of “antisocialist practices.”

Anonymous donor clears student debt for all graduates at historic Black college in Texas

During Saturday’s graduation, the president of Wiley College, a historically Black college in Marshall, Texas, announced that an anonymous donor had paid off the balances of the graduating class’s student debt. The college estimated the total balances owed by the graduating class of 2022 was about $300,000, NBC reported.

More human remains discovered as water levels continue to drop at Lake Mead

As Lake Mead in Nevada continues to recede to historic levels, new human remains were found over the weekend just days after a decomposed body was found in a metal barrel at the lake’s shrinking shoreline, NBC reported. The investigation is ongoing.