Candace Owens Calls for BLEXIT, Supported by Kanye West & Others

Conservative African-American commentator Candace Owens, announced the formation of her new project “Blexit,” which advocates “the black exit from the Democratic Party,”

Kanye West has also called for black Americans to leave the Democratic Party, releasing merchandise bearing the logo, which was seen being worn on Saturday at Turning Point USA’s Young Black Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C.


Owens is the communications director for Turning Point USA.

Two years ago, Owens uploaded her first YouTube video titled “mom, dad, I’m a conservative.” Her aim was to point out the social exiling that came from friends and families from proclaiming conservatism.

What BLEXIT is

“BLEXIT is a national movement of minorities that have awakened to the truth. It is for those who have taken an objective look at our decades-long allegiance to the left and asked ourselves “what do we have to show for it?” Owens attests. “BLEXIT is a chant of freedom. It is a chorus of voices from across the country whose hearts are exploding with the realization that we are more than the color of our skin.”

“BLEXIT is our long-overdue renaissance,” Owens concludes.

Owens calls on Blacks to use their power

“Across America, black people are beginning to question political orthodoxy. We have been quietly building an ecosystem of free thinkers and at long last, the intellectual dam is breaking,” Owen continued, “This unique moment will come to be known as BLEXIT: the black exit from the Democrat party.”

Owens points out hateful words used against black conservatives

Owens wrote an op-ed piece for Breitbart news titled “Blexit: In my own words.”

In the article, Owens said that the result of an African-American their once conservatism amounts to, not just being socially exiled, but results in “a full-court social lynching.”

Owens went on to list a number of terms that have been used by liberal journalist against conservative African-Americans, for example:

  • Ben Carson is a “porch monkey”
  • Larry Elder is but an “Uncle Tom”
  • Kanye West is “in the sunken place”
  • Clarence Thomas is “a womanizer”

White liberal dominance

Owens said that she has been branded with numerous derogatory terms, everything from “self hating black,” to “Nazi-sympathizer,” and most preposterously “a white supremacist.”

“The underlying sentiments are clear; black people are meant to think and act within the confines of what white liberals deem acceptable,” Owens wrote.

“For decades, the black community has been in an emotionally abusive relationship with the Democrat Party. Our fidelity to leftist politicians coupled with our false belief that a larger government might facilitate solutions, has led to the overall collapse of our families, neighborhoods, and incidentally, our futures,” Owens added.

Kanye West throws his support behind Blexit, launches clothing line

Rap star Kanye West also joined Owens, echoing her call for black Americans to leave the Democratic Party.

Over the weekend, designs created by Kanye West bearing the BLEXIT logo, made their debut at the Young Black Leadership Summit. However, Mr. West himself was not in attendance.