Who Should Get the COVID Vaccine First?


The vaccine rollout is underway, but the initial recipients are chosen from a very small pool of patients. Guidance from medical experts has held that, at first, the vaccine should be reserved for a select few: medical personnel, frontline workers and vulnerable populations. Those vulnerable populations include people over 65 and those with compromised immune systems.

Some have blamed this restricted rollout for slowing the pace of vaccinations in spite of the need for swift action. In some regions, experts are now urging clinics and hospitals to open their vaccination appointments to anyone who wants one. This school of thought holds that the vaccines are helping more people by getting into arms instead of sitting in freezers.

Recently, medical authorities approved the release of the reserved “second dose” vials of the vaccines. This strategy was chosen to double the number of available doses while the country waits for more shipments to be used as “second dose” vials for people who have received their first round of the vaccine. Right now, the important thing is getting as many people as possible vaccinated.