The Top 5 Patio Furniture Trends for Summer 2019


As we make our way into summer, with it comes new ideas, styles and designs for outdoor patio furniture and outdoor spaces.

patio trends

While patio furniture doesn’t quite go in and out of style as quickly as other home items, like anything, there always innovations that come along you may want to add to your outdoor space.

1. Furniture with a dual-purpose

For people with limited space or simply those who want to make the most of their space, dual-purpose furniture is the way to go. There are outdoor end tables that double as beverage coolers, and patio furniture with built-in storage for your cushions in bad weather. Tables with pullout recessed seating, fold-away patio tables, coffee tables with elevating sections for dining, champagne and iced beverage holders that double as a lamp, fold up outdoor sofas, and more.

2. Outdoor lighting

Whether you want to create soothing and serene atmosphere with lighting, or something more stimulating to turn your outdoor space into a nighttime party zone – the possibilities are nearly endless. Not only that, but the latest lighting designs offer easy set up and even wireless that is solar powered. String lights are extremely popular and easy to install, while also being shatterproof and weather-resistant. LED lights are a great way to light up your outdoor space, while being energy efficient. There are also a variety of colored lighting options to create different moods.

3. Indoor/outdoor hybrid space

For those that have an outdoor space with a recess or overhead shelter to protect it from the elements, mixing a bit of the indoors with the outdoors has become a popular trend. Because the spaces provide some weather and water protection, it allows you to bring more comfortable textures of furniture into the mix, as well as, finer furniture and electronics.

4. Fire pits

Regardless of the fact that it is summer, in many areas, things begin to cool down significantly when the sun goes down. Yet, people want to still enjoy the outdoors during the evening hours. Fire pits are great way to add a little warmth, while creating a space for friends and family to gather around. Elevated rock and stone fire pits are all the rage. Many people surround the fire pit space with brick, tile or stone work as flooring, as well as cozy outdoor furniture.

5. Mixed materials for outdoor furnishings

Another popular trend in outdoor furniture is the use of a wide variety of mixed materials. We’re talking wicker, rattan, teak and other varieties of timber, cast-iron, compact laminate, powder-coated steel or aluminum patio furniture. Add to this, outdoor fabrics that include a mix of cloth, linen, canvas or vinyl seat coverings, as well as cloth pillows.