‘The Queen is Dead’, Royal Commentator Posts on Twitter as Rumors Swirl


A royal commentator, Charlie Proctor, the Editor in Chief at Royal Center, posted on Twitter today in response to rumors that the Queen had died.

The rumors started after screenshots of a WhatsApp group conversation circulated online that was titled “Old times”. In it, a forwarded message indicated that the Queen passed of a heart attack and that it would be announced at 9:30 AM the following morning.

Queen Elizabeth is shown wearing pink clothing and a hat in front of a crowd
Getty via Express UK

What The ‘Queen is Dead’ Messages Might Mean

While some people are doubtful that this is real, others note that WhatsApp is a secure chat platform, and many people – including leaders, high ranking members of the US administration, and more use the app for fast, reliable communication.

The information forwarded in the screenshot says that the original message, indicating all guards on the chat platform need to pack for two weeks away, apparently came from a “guards reg” WhatsApp group.

When someone in the message expressed disbelief (“has to be a wind up” says Ricey), Gibbo responded, “Not sure mate, just got passed to me, they did keep the queen mothers death quiet though for 24 hours”.

What Charlie Proctor Has to Say About the Rumor of the Queen’s Passing

According to Charlie Proctor, who runs the Monarchy UK twitter account as well as his role at Royal Center, this is nothing more than a “vicious” rumor against the Queen and the royals.

“The Queen is not dead. She is alive & well and is very much looking forward to hosting President Trump and other world leaders at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday for the NATO reception.” He shared on social media.

In his short-but-sweet post on his site, he called this a “fake news’ pandemic”.

According to Proctor, “Her Majesty is enjoying a good night of sleep in anticipation of her next big engagement on Tuesday.”

Twitter Doesn’t Buy It

As of right now, there is no official word that the Queen has passed from a heart attack or any other illness, so it seems Twitter may have been wrong about this.

One user was quick to cleverly point out that “having a pre-booked engagement doesn’t preclude someone from being dead, and it’s definitely not proof that they aren’t”. If that’s all Proctor can offer the people, it doesn’t seem to be enough.

When the Queen’s passing does happen (and it will, folks. She’s 93, let’s be honest with ourselves), a footman in mourning clothes will step outside of Buckingham Palace and pin a black-edged notice to the gates.

The radio stations will play ‘Haunted Dancehall (Nursery Remix)’ by Sabres of Paradise as the news is broadcast on television, and all televisions will be paused to announce the tragic event.

The Queen’s funeral will also become a national holiday, as well as the coronation of Prince Charles’ as King.

But, again – it doesn’t look like that’s happening today.