Salon Owner Jailed for Reopening Despite COVID-19 Restrictions and More News

Salon Owner Jailed for Reopening Despite COVID-19 Restrictions; US Reports Deadliest Day for Coronavirus Patients After States Reopen; and Greta Thunberg Donates $100,000 to Help Children During COVID-19 Pandemic.

Shelley Luther
Lynda M. Gonzalez via Dallas News

Salon Owner Jailed for Reopening Despite COVID-19 Restrictions

A Texas salon owner refused to apologize for defying coronavirus orders. The result? She was given seven days in jail.

A judge gave Shelley Luther a choice. She could serve jail time, or she could apologize. Luther would also be required to pay a fine and shut down until Friday.

“I have to disagree with you sir, when you say that I’m selfish. Because feeding my kids is not selfish,” Luther said to the judge. “I have hairstylists that are going hungry because they would rather feed their kids. So, sir, if you think the law is more important than kids getting fed, then please go ahead with your decision. But I am not going to shut the salon.”

Because Luther chose to ignore warnings after being cited by city officials, she must now pay a $7,000 fine.

On Tuesday, Gov. Greg Abbott held a press conference. He discussed how salons will be able to reopen on Friday.

Only one customer per stylist will be allowed. People can wait inside if they practice social distancing. Everyone will be encouraged to wear masks.

“This allows these types of businesses to open up, but it doesn’t require them to do so,” explained Abbott. “Every owner of every salon should use their own best judgment.”

While some stylists are happy to get back to work, others may have to give up unemployment benefits if they stay home, even if they’re not comfortable coming out of lockdown yet.

If there’s one thing that’s certain, many Americans can’t wait to get back to the salon for long overdue haircuts, nail maintenance, and a reason to wear their best deodorant (and something besides pajamas).

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US Reports Deadliest Day for Coronavirus Patients After States Reopen

In just 24 hours’ time, the United States suffered 2,909 deaths due to COVID-19. A CNBC analysis of WHO’s daily COVID-19 situation said that’s the highest daily death toll in the U.S. yet.

Before May 1, the highest death toll due to coronavirus in the United States was 2,471. This new data comes as state officials continue to weigh reopening parts of the country. Stay-at-home orders also continue to be eased despite the continuing rise of coronavirus cases.

Public health officials have warned that as businesses reopen and the public becomes fatigued of restrictions, the virus could very quickly spread throughout communities.

The deadliest day of COVID-19 rivals that of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Those attacks claimed the lives of 2,973 people in one day.

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Greta Thunberg Donates $100,000 to Help Children During COVID-19 Pandemic

Climate activist Greta Thunberg was recently awarded $100,000 for her global activism efforts. But now, that money is going to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

Thunberg’s donation is being matched by Human Act. The money will be used to launch a campaign to keep children’s rights and welfare safe during the pandemic.

It will also aid UNICEF’s efforts to protect children from strained healthcare systems, lost school days, and food shortages.

“I’m asking everyone to step up and join me in support of UNICEF’s vital work to save children’s lives, to protect health, and continue education,” said Thunberg.

“Like the climate crisis, the coronavirus pandemic is a child-rights crisis. It will affect all children, now and in the long-term,” she continued. “But vulnerable groups will be impacted the most.”

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