Prince Phillip to Stay in Hospital for Infection


Prince Phillip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, is currently being treated in the hospital for an infection and is expected to stay there for several days. He was brought to the hospital in mid-February when he reported feeling “generally unwell,” which caused some alarms to go off for Buckingham Palace.

Philip, who is 99 years old, is reportedly doing “okay” according to his family. Grandson Prince William told reporters his grandfather is being closely monitored by hospital staff. Phillip’s youngest son, Prince Edward, says his father told him he is feeling “a lot better,” and is looking forward to returning home after his infection is treated.

Phillip stepped back from the public eye in 2017, owing to his age and health reasons. He’s been taken to the hospital numerous times in the intervening years. The prince turns 100 in June, making him the oldest living member of the British royal family.