People are Getting Dumber Study Finds and More News


Study finds people are getting less intelligent, Kim Kardashian passes the ‘baby bar’ exam, factory workers were threatened with firing if they left to flee tornado, Elon Musk named Time’s Person of the Year.

Blame it on disco? People born after 1975 less intelligent

A study has found that people are getting dumber, it seems. Research published in Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences of the United States of America only examined data taken from men and used IQ scores of two different groups: Men born between 1962 in 1991 and men born after 1975.

The men born after 1975 had steady decreases in IQ scores when looking at the two groups. A phenomenon known as the Flynn effect found a rise in IQ scores in the twentieth century. However, they decreased after 1975.

The researchers reached two conclusions: As time changes, people are exposed to different intellectual experiences, technology, and social media for example. They say educational methods need to adapt to such changes. They also concluded that traditional methods of measuring intelligence may be outdated and in need of changes as well, US News reported.

Kim Kardashian passes California’s ‘baby bar’ exam

On her fourth attempt, after failing the “exam three times in 2 years,” Kim Kardashian wrote, she announced that she “passed the baby bar exam.” The BBC reported that Kardashian has been studying on an alternative apprenticeship pathway to become an attorney, under the mentorship of lawyers, rather than through an undergraduate degree. The “baby bar,” as it is known, is a first-year law student’s exam in California. Kardashian has said she was previously told her alternate path to a law degree would be “close to impossible” and “harder than the traditional law school route.”

Kentucky factory workers threatened with firing if they left to flee tornado

Employees of Mayfield Consumer Products, a factory that makes scented candles, in Mayfield, Kentucky, and was utterly decimated by a tornado over the weekend, say that supervisors warned them they would be fired if they left their shifts early to flee the tornado, NBC reported.

Even before the warning sirens sounded, word of the coming storm was spreading four hours earlier. Reportedly, as many as 15 workers implored their managers to let them take shelter in their own homes. However, employees say their requests were denied and were told they would lose their jobs if they left early. When the sirens went off, repeated requests were made.

Fearing for their safety, some employees left their shifts regardless of what repercussions they might face. Officials confirmed on Monday that eight employees of the factory died in the tornado.

Time Magazine names Elon Musk Person of the Year

In 2021, Elon Musk became the wealthiest person on Earth, and in history, due to the rise, in part, of Tesla’s stock price. However, another of Musk’s major accomplishments was his SpaceX company launching the first-ever mission to Earth’s orbit with a crew of only tourists and no professional astronauts, CNN reported.

“The Person of the Year is Elon Musk,” said Edward Felsenthal, Time’s Editor-In-Chief, making the announcement on the ‘TODAY’ show Monday. “He is reshaping life on Earth and possibly life off Earth as well.”

“In 2021, Musk emerged not just as the world’s richest person but also as perhaps the richest example of a massive shift in our society,” Felsenthal wrote, the Daily Wire reported.