Oprah Launching Weight Loss Tour in 2020, List of Cities Revealed


Mark your calendars, because Oprah Winfrey is going on tour across the United States to promote healthy living! Oprah is the biggest celebrity name in weight loss and has been pushing various diets and products for years now.

Andrew Chin Getty Images via Time Oprah Winfrey goes on tour feat
Andrew Chin | Getty Images via Time

Since stepping off the air, she has started the OWN television network, put a line of healthy diet foods in freezer sections across the US, and has apparently learned to live her best life.

What Is This Tour About?

This is Oprah’s first speaking tour in over five years, so it’s a major thing for her. Her talk show has been off the air since 2011 as well, so we have to think she may be a little rusty. Then again, she is Oprah.

The Tour is called Oprah’s 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus. It is presented by Weight Watchers, now known as just “WW”, who has a long-standing partnership with Oprah. Earlier this year, the brand announced they would be featuring this media mogul as a spokesperson again, and stocks – and subscribers – soared.

Oprah is a major shareholder and has featured her several times in various ad campaigns, usually with great success.

The Announcement

Oprah announced her tour today on her social media accounts, sharing a video of her journey with weight watchers and various other tours.

In it, she says that she believes “we can all come together to support a stronger, healthier, more abundant life”. She wants people to “put their life in focus” and make 2020 the year that thousands more start a journey of “transformation and triumph”.

The Tour Itself

The tour is going to hit 7 major US cities.

It started in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on January 4th, and goes onto Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, Dallas, Charlotte, Brooklyn, and St. Paul, ending with Denver on March 7th.

The promo material for the tour promises “high-profile” guests to be in attendance, but they have not shared the names of anyone as of right now. Oprah is sure to draw big names, though, even though she is no longer on the air.

Each stop will be a full-day event, which will include research into wellness, exercise, “motivating conversation”, talks from guests as well as a “signature interview” with Oprah.

A significant portion of the profit from this tour will go to WW Good, which is a charity outreach program through WW that looks to bring healthy food choices to underserved communities.

How to Get Tickets

Presale tickets will go on sale Monday, September 9th for the WW community.

American Express cardholders will get early access on September 10th through September 12th. All public tickets will go on sale beginning September 13th.

According to the Ticketmaster site, there will be VIP packages as well, but details and pricing are not available at this time.