Mom Transforms Son into Pennywise for Only $25

This amazing Halloween costume only cost $25 to put together, but it’s going to leave you thinking about it – and this very creepy little boy – for the rest of the day.

If you’re looking for a last-minute, super spooky costume, this mother from Doncaster has you covered. If anything, her son is a little too good at this whole Scary Halloween thing.

How this Mom Dressed Her Son as Pennywise for Just $25

In case you’re aware, Pennywise is the uber-creepy clown from the movie and book series, It. The book, written by Stephen King, came out in 1986. In 1990, it was adapted into a television miniseries, and the full feature-length movie came out in 2017.

The second movie, IT: Chapter Two, is currently still in theaters. Both movies performed very well, showing that Stephen King’s horror has true lasting potential.

Getting that out of the way – this is what this UK mom was going after, an authentic Pennywise costume.

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Facebook | Amyleigh Harrison

She says she got the tights from Primark, the wig and costume on Amazon, and used face paint she had left over from last year. The balloon is a leftover from a birthday party, but it does the job.

What really sells it isn’t just the perfect costume or the impressive makeup, both of which must have taken a while, but it’s the look… do you see that kid’s eyes? Spooky.

Her Other Son Had a Matching Costume, Too

This mom has two boys, and they’re young enough to still be interested in matching costumes. While one had the honor of being Pennywise, her other son had a different idea

She put him in black shoes, black pants, and a neon yellow raincoat. She built a little boat, tucked one arm into the jacket, and boom – he was transformed into Georgie, one of the kids from the movie who gets his arm torn off by Pennywise.

Georgie’s costume might have been even cheaper than Pennywise’s, but they’re perfect together.

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Facebook | Amyleigh Harrison

Mixed Reactions to Child’s Pennywise Costume

Amyleigh Harrison, 25, admitted that she has gotten mixed reactions from the costume. Some people love it, saying that they would be terrified to open their door on Halloween and see a tiny Pennywise staring back at them.

Others, though, have criticized her for allowing her son to watch such scary movies. Many don’t think he should even know who Pennywise is yet.

“My son likes scary films and watched the IT movie and wanted to dress up as him on Halloween,” She explained. “My son loves it and says it’s his favorite costume he’s had.”