MicroLED Could be the Future of Giant, Gorgeous TV Displays


Samsung’s name is often at the top of the list of companies pushing the technological envelope. That is in full effect with the newest style of flatscreen TV technology, Samsung’s MicroLED initiative. The company first released the mammoth-sized 110-inch MicroLED screen in Korea for an eye-watering 170 million won. In US dollars, that’s $156,000, as much as some homes.

The company has also announced a slate of more reasonably-sized panels, including a 99-inch, an 88-inch and, eventually, a 76-inch screen. The new technology is exciting for fans of high-end displays due to the construction of the MicroLED panel.

The first truly new screen technology in a decade, MicroLED works by using countless tiny LED lights to perfectly replicate an image, offering full 4K images and superior brightness to OLED without the chance for burn-in. Samsung has announced an April 2021 release date for the screens in the US, meaning that the future of TVs is just around the corner.