McDonald’s Giving Away Free Meals for Life, World’s Oldest Cat Crowned, and More News


McDonald’s giving away free meals for life – Guinness World Record for oldest cat on planet – Stowaways spend 11 days on ship’s rudder – First French bulldog in history wins best in show – Latest updates on China protests

McDonald’s giving away free food for life to 12 winners

McDonald’s is giving free food away for life. Beginning on December 5, every order completed in the McDonald’s app for at least $1 will automatically enter the customer into a contest to win a McGold Card, CNN reports. Three winners will receive this special card that earns them free McDonald’s for life. Not only that, each winner will receive three extra cards they can give away, bringing the total number of winners awarded in this contest to 12.

Guinness World Record for oldest cat on planet

Guinness has officially awarded the World Record for the world’s oldest cat to a feline named Flossie, who is currently 26 years and 329 days old. According to Guinness, 27 years translates to about 120 years in cat terms, LADBible reported. The cat is both deaf and blind. Her owners say that doesn’t stop her from being “curious” and able to “quickly adapt to new environments despite her lack of sight.”

The cat’s original owner died after having the cat for ten years, and the feline was passed on to a sister. That sister died 14 years later and was then cared for by the woman’s son. After three years, the man realized he couldn’t tend to the needs of the animal and handed the cat over to volunteers at Cats Protection’s Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough and District Branch, a charity in the UK with experience in looking after senior cats.

Stowaways survive 11 days on ship’s rudder

Three stowaways were discovered hiding on the humongous rudder of an oil tanker, having survived an incredible 11-day voyage from Nigeria to the Canary Islands, the New York Post reported. The feet of the stowaways can be seen in an astonishing now-viral photo dangling just inches above the water. The three were treated for dehydration and hypothermia. The trip covered some 2,000 miles. A government official said of the stowaways’ miraculous survival: “It is not the first and it will not be the last. Stowaways do not always have the same luck.”

First French bulldog in history wins best in show

For the first time in the history of the National Dog Show, a French bulldog has won Best in Show. A French bulldog named Winston took the top honor for 2022, adding to his career total of 78 wins at other events. Despite the breed being the second most popular in the US, behind Labrador retrievers, a French bulldog has never taken the top honor at the National Dog Show until now, LADBible reported. Winston is owned by Perry Payson of Bixby, Oklahoma, according to a photo posted by the National Dog Show on Twitter.

Growing protests in China over totalitarian restrictions

Thousands of people have defied Chinese authorities by protesting on the streets of major cities and universities in China as they rally against incessant Covid tests and lockdowns, as well as strict censorship and the tightening grip of the Communist Party over all aspects of life.

Across the country, protests, mainly led by younger people, are leading a rallying cry of “want freedom” as people say they don’t want “lifelong leaders.” Some of the rallies grew from vigils held for ten people who perished in a fire in Xinjiang, CNN reported.

In some cities, crowds numbering in the hundreds have been heard chanting: “Give me liberty or give me death!”