Man Installs ‘Chocolate Safe’ in Fridge to Keep Fiance Out – She was NOT Happy


This man’s fiance was not impressed when she found out what he had done. No, he didn’t cheat on her–it was something much, much worse!

Instagram man installs chocolate safe fiance refrigerator feat

‘Surely This Is Breakup Material’

Stacey Lowe, a UK-based mom, and bride-to-be, came home to discover that her fiancé had installed a safe in their fridge. The clear plastic box was filled with tempting treats, including a very tasty looking Cadbury chocolate bar with Oreo bits. A 3-digit combination lock prevented her from reaching the sweets.

“So this is what it has come to. You buy a house together, have a child together, get engaged, are planning a wedding and doing your house up and this happens,” she wrote in a hilarious, profanity-laden Facebook post that has since gone viral.

Sure, she could grab bottled water or some cheese, but it’s just not the same. Not with chocolate taunting her from the other side of the Plexiglas barrier.

Stacey continued, “Dave goes and buys a f***ing fridge safe because he’s an a***hole and doesn’t want to share his chocolate with me anymore! Anyone want him? Surely this is breakup material right?”

Great Idea or Grounds for Divorce?

The clear plastic safe, manufactured by Lockabox, is intended to hold medications or documents. One reviewer uses the safe to store her son’s iPad and other electronics after he uses up his screen time for the day. But storing chocolate in a see-through safe just seems cruel.

Almost 50,000 comments responded to Stacey’s post, most of them furious on her behalf. Many suggested that she should smash the box and eat all the treats herself–or just burn the house down. Others were intrigued by the idea of being able to keep their sweets safe from snacky spouses. One poster thought it was a smart way to keep yourself from over-indulging at night.

Would you ever put a safe in your fridge? If so, what would you put in it? Parents could certainly benefit from keeping their snack stash safe from hungry kiddos. Roommates could reach new passive-aggressive heights by locking their food in a box instead of just writing their names on everything.

But even the greatest love of all time would be tested by taunting your spouse with sweet, delicious chocolate.