Is the State You Live In Making You Fat? One in Three Americans is Obese.


A new report has found that 31.3% of Americans are now obese, which translates to one in every three people in the US being overweight.

Additionally, certain states and regions in the US poorer health and more obesity than others, as preventable health-related premature deaths increased 3% in the past year.


Obesity rate at all-time high

The rate of obesity in Americans keeps expanding. Americans are getting heavier and their waistlines are getting wider.

This year the obesity rate in the United States reached 31.3%. This is up 5% since 2017, according to the latest annual report by America’s Health Rankings.

Obesity shortening lifespans

Health professionals are also concerned that obesity rates are leading to more premature deaths, that would otherwise be preventable through improved health measures. Thus, this lack of adequate health measures is shortening American’s lifespans. Last year, premature deaths rose by 3%.

Could the state you live in be making you fat?

According to statistics gathered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), social structures and economic structures play a key role in health, largely through access to education or healthcare.

The CDC also found that certain dietary habits and traditions, as well as, poverty, tobacco use, and to a certain degree, a lack of physical activity are more prevalent in certain geographical regions.

The 10 least healthy states in the US

The annual report by America’s Health Rankings looked at 33 health factors to rank the health levels of each state, including diabetes, premature death rate, alcohol use, smoking, physical inactivity and more.

What’s most interesting to note is that the majority of the least healthy states in America fall within a similar geographic region.

  1. Louisiana ranked as the least healthiest state with an obesity rate of 36.2%, followed very closely by…
  2. Mississippi (37.3% obese)
  3. Alabama (36.3% obese)
  4. Oklahoma (36.5% obese)
  5. Arkansas (35% obese)
  6. Kentucky (34.3% obese)
  7. West Virginia (38.1% obese – the most obese state in the US)
  8. South Carolina (34.1%)
  9. Tennessee (32.8% obese)
  10. Indiana (33.6% obese)

The 10 healthiest states in the US

Many of the healthiest states in the US fall within a similar geographic region.

The state ranking number one in health was Hawaii, which had a 23.8% obese rate, followed by…

  1. Massachusetts (25.8% obese)
  2. Connecticut (26.9% obese)
  3. Vermont (27.6% obese)
  4. Utah (25.2% obese)
  5. New Hampshire (28.1% obese)
  6. Minnesota (28.4% obese)
  7. Colorado (22.6% obese – the least obese state in the US)
  8. Washington (27.7% obese)
  9. New York (25.7% obese)