How Bad Could it be? Climate Change Threatens Planet


Climate change is the global crisis of our time, but the severity of the looming catastrophe is often lost in discussions about greenhouse gasses and emissions. So, just how bad could it be? Higher temperatures a few storms never hurt anyone, right?

Things could get much, much worse, in truth. As the weather continues to get steadily warmer globally, the most pressing issue relates to agriculture. Changing climate conditions could make it harder for farmers to hit the food yields required to keep food on store shelves. This, coupled with rising sea levels shrinking the amount of living space in many countries, could lead to mass migrations from some parts of the world.

Even as this all takes place, experts forecast increasing frequency of hurricanes and tornadoes to accompany mass food shortages. Such a scenario would be epoch-defining, potentially pushing humanity into a new, dark chapter defined by scarcity, extreme weather and technological regression.