Coronavirus Tainted Knife Fight Over Toilet Paper and More News


Woman Pulls Out a Knife During Coronavirus Scare Over Toilet Paper; New Father Drunkenly Orders $200+ Worth of Chicken; and Earth Has a Brand New, Car-Sized Moon.

an empty roll of toilet paper

Woman Pulls Out a Knife During Coronavirus Scare Over Toilet Paper

In areas most heavily affected by coronavirus, store shelves are becoming empty of some basic necessities, including toilet paper. Shoppers in panic mode are getting into arguments. One shopper got so desperate that she pulled out a knife on another customer at Woolworths supermarket in Australia.

Woolworths had announced that customers couldn’t purchase more than four packs of toilet paper per person. Shoppers have raided stores for hand sanitizer, toilet paper, rice, pasta, and bottled water. Stores are having trouble keeping up with inventory.

Staff members told police that a man and a woman got into a fight. One witness said, “There was a fight over toilet paper – you could hear a commotion coming from down the end aisle.”

“There was a knife pulled and people started running around. It was all over in a few moments, security were here and police came and talked to a woman.”

So far, health officials have confirmed 43 people have COVID-19 in Australia. One has died. A 95-year-old woman may have also died after coming into contact with an infected nurse.

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New Father Drunkenly Orders $200+ Worth of Chicken

It’s hard being a new parent. New baby, loss of sleep and …occasional drunkenness. Lee Rumney, 29, was out celebrating the birth of his six-week-old son, Freddie. At some point, he decided to call for a late-night bite, and asked his girlfriend to listen for the delivery at home.

His girlfriend, Hannah, was at home with the baby. Lee got home around 1 am from his 12-hour drinking session to discover the $226 worth a food he’d ordered on his cellular phone  from Domino’s had not yet arrived:

  • 1x Medium Pizza
  • 1x Garlic Pizza Bread
  • 1x Potato Wedges
  • 1x Domino’s Cookies
  • 1x 14 Chicken Kickers
  • 1x 14 Chicken Wings
  • 1x 14 Chicken Wings
  • 1x 14 Chicken Wings
  • 1x 14 Chicken Wings
  • 1x 14 Chicken Wings
  • 1x 14 Chicken Wings
  • 1x 14 Chicken Wings
  • 1x 14 Chicken Wings
  • 1x 14 Chicken Wings
  • 1x 14 Chicken Wings
  • 1x 14 Chicken Wings
  • 1x 7Chicken Wings
  • 1x 7 Chicken Wings
  • 1x 7 Chicken Wings

Drunken Purchase Comes Back to Bite New Dad

Hannah answered the door to a shocking sight.

“The guy said, ‘There’s quite a lot here, he must be having a party!’ He told me there was at least 15 boxes of sides and I started panicking, thinking ‘I hope he’s paid,’ because I only had $25 in cash on me.”

“I had to get the delivery guy to help me bring it all into the kitchen. There was so much of it, I was so embarrassed. But when I went upstairs to tell Lee his food was here, he was just completely passed out on the bed and wasn’t waking up for anything.”

Not even for the sweet, sweet smell of chicken wings, apparently.

Lee sleeps hungover beside his six-month-old son
Storytrender via Ladbible

“I was just standing there with all these boxes and the smell of chicken wafting through the house. I was fuming!”

The next day, a hungover Lee said he couldn’t remember a thing. He felt even more red-faced than Hannah was when he realized what he’d done. As punishment, Hannah made him eat the cold chicken for three days straight.

“It’s a good job I’ve got a sense of humor and in the end, he was the one who felt stupid,” said Hannah. “He was absolutely devastated when I told him he’d spent $200+ on Domino’s.”

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Earth Has a Brand New, Car-Sized Moon

Our planet might have a tiny little new moon, about the size of a car. On February 19, astronomers at the Catalina Sky Survey in Arizona saw a dim object moving quickly across the sky.

After a few days had passed, six more observatories around the world also noticed the object, designated as 2020 CD3, and took note of its orbit. The object has been bound to Earth for three years.

The Minor Planet Center said in a statement, “No link to a known artificial object has been found.” This implies that the moon may be an asteroid. Earth’s orbit could have swallowed it as it passed by.

The new little moon has an oval-shaped orbit that swoops far outside of our more common moon’s path. It circles our planet about once every 47 days. Isn’t that cute?

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