Budweiser’s (Step) Father’s Day Ad is Bringing the World to Tears


The internet is shedding tears today after seeing Budweiser’s new Father’s Day commercial, featuring three stepfathers and their adult children.

budweiser step fathers day ad tears feat
Budweiser | Youtube

Budweiser is known for producing heartfelt, genuine, high-quality advertisements, and they have pulled especially hard at the heartstrings this year as the camera follows 3 adults who ask their stepfathers to legally adopt them.

What The Message Really Is

The advertisement, just over three and a half minutes long, talks about the struggles each child had to adjust to their stepfather, and just what a difference he has made in their lives. Victor says in it that was never close to his own father, so when he met his stepfather Mark he realized “Oh, this is like what a dad is”.

Another woman is asked by her stepfather what her wedding is going to look like when she reveals not only that she wants him to walk her down the aisle but she would like him to adopt her and be her ‘real’ father. Not a single dry eye is seen by the end of the ad.

Budweiser is asking people to share a story about a father that stepped up for them. For every story shared, the company will donate $1 to The Stepfamily Foundation, in support of blended families.

See the Video: