Bank CEOs Racing to be “Nicest” Bank to Work For


Recent surveys among junior employees working for banks like Goldman Sachs, Jefferies and Citi suggest that the people at the bottom of the companies are exhausted and overworked. Many bankers have been reporting grueling 100-hour workweeks, unbroken thanks to the new work-from-home policies everyone is under.

These long hours and relentless working schedules have drawn sudden apologies from CEOs, which have been as unsurprising as they have been ceremonial. Onlookers have noted the irony in the sudden “race to the nicest” as banks extol the virutes of their junior emplouees and emphasize their gratitude. Goldman Sachs, in fact, now guarantees their junior employees will get Friday from 9 PM through Sunday at 9 AM guaranteed off.

A similar story is playing out with other professionals, like lawyers and consultants, who have noticed their working hours become longer and more grueling as they continue to work from home. Many hope they can soon return to normal work, so that they can resume things like their workplace retreats and company meals.