Baby Born with Batman Birthmark Survives Incredible Surgery


A “batman birthmark” was very obvious from the moment this baby was born. Luna Fenner didn’t even have to have her parents die and inherit their fortune to get the signature look, either. But after doctors expressed concern over this unusual birthmark, her parents decided to look into removal.

Countless consults later, Luna and her mother were on a plane from Florida headed to the one place they never thought they would find the answers: Russia.


What Caused the Batman Birthmark on this Baby?

Luna was born with something called congenital melanocytic naevus on the face, which is essentially an issue with melanin and pigmentation on the skin.

This can develop anywhere on the body. While it most commonly presents itself at birth, it can also develop later in life.

Luna’s family became concerned when they discovered that this condition raises the risk of melanoma skin cancer to form. If it were somewhere that could be “hidden” from the sun more easily, the rush would be lower. But you can’t expect someone to hide their face forever.

Why They Went to Russia For Treatment

Luna’s mother, Carol, consulted dozens of surgeons and experts in the United States, and everyone gave them a different opinion.

One specialist in Boston told her that Luna would need up to 100 laser treatments to reduce the pigmentation of the skin, while several other surgeons told her that laser treatment was “the worst” decision she could make for the baby.

On top of this, no one could offer her a solution that would let Luna live her life as a normal child. Treatments stretched across years and cost thousands upon thousands of dollars, never quite fitting into their insurance plan. Carol said she didn’t want her daughter to miss going to school and any “normal” childhood growth.

Then, Dr. Pavel Popov stepped in.

Packed Their Bags and Went to Russia

Dr. Pavel Popov saw Luna’s story online and studied her pictures. He determined that with his new treatment, which isn’t available at all in the United States, he could reduce the pigmentation of her skin in just 8 surgeries spread out across 18 months. No lasers, no intense pain, and no major skin removal at all.

Carol was wary, but after seeing photographs of others that Popov has worked on, she and Luna packed their bags and went to Krasnodar. Luna’s father stayed in Florida to continue to work and support them.

Luna just underwent her first surgery, according to Carol’s Instagram, and it was a rousing success!

“She’s super fine, thank God. No need for pain medication.” Carol shared, along with a picture of her holding little Luna.

The first treatment was on a small part of Luna’s forehead, which is carefully covered by a bandage. But Carol said that she isn’t experiencing any pain and isn’t trying to take the bandage off, so there is no discomfort.

There’s no word on when the next surgery will take place, but for now, the family seems relieved that the first went without any complications. The majority of Luna’s face is covered in this birthmark, and it will take time and patience for both Luna’s family and Dr. Popov.