Amber Heard Bid to Dismiss $10M Depp Lawsuit Denied and More News

CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 10: Amber Heard attends the screening of Sorry Angel during the 71st Cannes Film Festival at Palais des Festivals on May 10, 2018 in Cannes, France.

Judge denies Amber Heard bid to dismiss Depp lawsuit, Euro falls below dollar, Only 60 days to home 4,000 beagles rescued from bio lab, Chinese robot fish eat microplastic, FDA weighs over-the-counter birth-control sales.

Judge denies Amber Heard bid to dismiss $10M Johnny Depp lawsuit

A judge has denied all motions by Amber Heard, 36, to have the verdict of the defamation trial with Johnny Depp, 59, dismissed and the case retried. The original ruling awarded Depp $10.35 million in damages.

Attorneys representing Heard filed a motion earlier this month stating the verdict was not supported by evidence, the Daily Mail reported. In addition, the lawyers alleged a juror had not been properly vetted and questioned whether the juror should have even been allowed on the jury.

On Wednesday, Judge Penny Azcarate denied all of Heard’s post-trial requests, according to court documents.

The Euro falls below the US dollar for first time in 20 years

The value of the Euro against the US Dollar fell for the first time in 20 years on Wednesday, with the euro falling behind the dollar at an exchange rate of $0.998 USD, the BBC reported. The dollar and the euro reached parity on Tuesday – the same value – also for the first time in 20 years as high inflation, energy supply uncertainty, and fears of recession abound on the continent, CNN reported. The euro has fallen roughly 12% since the start of the year. Some believe the euro’s value could dip further, falling below the dollar somewhere in the range of $0.95 to $0.97.

Only 60 days to find homes for 4,000 beagles rescued from research facility

A judge has approved a plan to rescue 4,000 beagles from a Virginia biotech research facility accused of mistreatment and neglect of the dogs after over 300 animals died between January and July last year, the Daily Mail reported. The animals must be vaccinated, neutered and placed into homes within 60 days according to the court order. Rescuers from the Department of Justice and the Humane Society are desperately seeking people to adopt the animals. People looking to foster a beagle can contact Homeward Trails here.

Chinese scientists have developed robot fish that eat microplastics

A team of scientists from China have designed robotic fish that “eat” microplastics. The 0.5-inch robots, which are soft to the touch, can suck up microplastics found in shallow water, which can help clean up the world’s polluted ocean, says the team from Sichuan University, Reuters reported. The goal for the team is to enable these robotic fish to venture into deeper water to collect microplastics in order to provide information that will help analyze marine pollution and real-time.

Abortion overturn: FDA will weigh over-the-counter sale of birth control pills

With the overturn of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court, for the first time, a pharmaceutical company is asking the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for permission to sell birth control over the counter in the United States.

HRA Pharma filed an application on Monday, NBC reported. The company claims the timing was unrelated to Roe v. Wade.

Traditionally, birth controls have been distributed by prescription out of concern from physicians for the need to screen for conditions that risk the rare, but dangerous complication of blood clots. The company hopes to convince the FDA that women can safely screen themselves for such risks, as well as use the pill effectively.

“For a product that has been available for the last 50 years, that has been used safely by millions of women, we thought it was time to make it more available,” said Frederique Welgryn, chief strategy officer for HRA Pharma.