Amazing ‘Angel in the Sky’ Photo Captured During Weather Phenomenon and Other News


An Amazing ‘Angel in the Sky’ was Captured in a Photo During a Weather Phenomenon; and Why a Woman Taped Up Food to Stop Her ‘Fat Husband’ From Eating Everything in Sight.

an angel in the sky is portrayed
“Brocken Specter” by Lee Howdle via Fox

Amazing ‘Angel in the Sky’ Photo Captured During Weather Phenomenon

While a man was out hillwalking in the U.K., he stumbled upon something rather beautiful and was able to capture it on film so that he could share it with the world.

Lee Howdle was visiting Derbyshire and walking in the Peak District National Park when he noticed the misty shadow dancing in the sky ahead.

Howdle told SWNS, “My shadow looked huge. It was in this circular rainbow. I took some photos of it and carried on walking. It was like an angel in the sky over the hills, it was quite magical.”

“I have never seen this before in my life,” he continued. “I read about it once on the internet. It’s really amazing and I feel very blessed to have captured such a magical moment.”

an angel in the sky is portrayed
“Brocken Specter” by Lee Howdle via Fox

What Howdle witnessed was a phenomenon known as “brocken specter” or “mountain specter” and it is known as one of the “top ten spookiest weather conditions” that are listed by the U.K.’s Met Office.

On their website, they describe the phenomenon as an effect “produced when an observer stands above the upper surface of a cloud–on a mountain or high ground–with the sun behind them.”

“When they view their shadow, the light is reflected back in such a way that a spooky circular ‘glory’ appears around the point directly opposite the sun.”

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Woman Tapes Up Food to Stop ‘Fat’ Husband From Eating Everything

Tammy Johnson said that her husband never leaves the kitchen without food in his mouth, so she took drastic measures to keep their food supply safe.

Not only did she resort to taping up the food using electrical tape, but she also set up a mousetrap – here’s guessing she didn’t use high protein snacks as bait.

“My husband had gone to bed before. We’d been taking the mickey out of my husband because he basically just eats everything in his sight,” she said.

“If the kids leave something on the side, without even thinking about it, he will eat it without even knowing that he has done it,” she continued. “I put a note in the fridge once but I don’t think you’d want to write what was said on it. It said, ‘keep out you fat b*****d.”

“We had this little mousetrap, so we decided to put some cakes on the mousetrap and some chocolate leading up to it. Obviously, because we’d had a drink, we thought it was funny.”

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However, Tammy’s efforts were in vain since her husband still managed to get around the tapes and the trap. He said, “It is funny. I understand why she did it, because every time I go in the kitchen I’m always picking food out of the cupboards.”

“She says I never come out of there without food in my mouth. She taped up literally everything, near enough. She thinks I’m too lazy to undo it, but I’m not,” he said.

“I thought she was off her head. I couldn’t believe she had done that. She spent an hour doing it, I reckon. We buy bits of food, but she tells me I eat it. Maybe it’s for her cooking, that’s what it is. I’d rather eat snack food.”